Rifle from various manufacturers for Hunting or Target shooting   We can special order rifles from major manufacturers for you and build them up with all the accessories you wish to add into a complete package. A complete package may include scope, scope mounts, rings, after market stock if desired and other desired accessories. Glass and pillar bedding may also be added if the rifle and stock are suitable for this work. Custom built bolt action rifles for Hunting or Target shooting Custom building precision rifles is our passion and as such we can build a custom rifle hunting or target rifle using various actions, barrels, stocks and triggers. Standard Remington 700 actions are well suited for upgrade work or actions from various other manufacturers. Barrels from Kreiger, Lilja, Shilen, Broughton or other manufacturer as desired. Various stocks, triggers and bottom metal can be selected  depending on your wishes to build up the complete custom rifle. If you would like a custom rifle build give me a call and lets discuss the details. Optics, Stocks, Barrels, Muzzle Brakes and other accessories Our arsenal of suppliers are able to provide us with all items required to build custom bolt action rifles or obtain factory built rifles for you.  The items that we prefer may not what you wish to use and understand that you may prefer items from your own selection. We would be happy to obtain those items for you and assemble them into a complete package.
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Fair North Gunsmithing - Products We supply products from all the major manufacturers in addition to our custom designs.
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Savage Hunting in 338
Rem Hunting in 300 RUM
Custom Rifle in 308
Custom Varmint in 22-250
Actions Accurized
Scopes precision mounted
Stock and Action Bedding work
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On the Left are a few pictures of custom rifles recently built and some  that have been accurized.   Johannes P. Fassotte - 907-347-7981
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Custom Target Rifle 308
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Updated 07/19/2015