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October 8 DECEMBER 14 October 15
Gun Butter Lubricants   Using lubricants that will stand up over the long haul in our area is very important especially in regards to the large temperature changes that exist in Alaska. Our search for a excellent lubricates led us to become a stocking dealer of “Gun Butter” oils and grease. Clink on the  8 calender above for info on these products:  Gun Shows We had a great time at at the Patty Center gun show. We saw many of our Alaska customers at the show and had on display some of our custom rifles that were built for competition target shooting and  hunting. See us at some future gun shows. Custom Rifles - Order yours 907-347-7981 We are excepting orders for custom rifles that are based on Remington 700 or premium after market actions. elect barrels from Broughton or other top name barrel makers. Stocks by HS precision, Manners, Bell & Carlson. Triggers by Jewel, Timney or if desired perhaps a tuned factory one. A really good scope is a great asset for reliability and accuracy.
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Updated 07/19/2015
Zero Creep triggers for Remington 700 We are a dealer for the new TriggerTech triggers. These are manufactured in Canada.
4. Muzzle brake on Marlin 45-70 I had a request to put a muzzle brake on a Marlin 45-70 lever action from a customer who has an injury that caused him not to be able to handle a lot of recoil. The picture shows the muzzle brake installed. This rifle is carried mostly when back packing and loaded with bear loads. This muzzle break was machined to be slightly larger than the barrel diameter to keep wall thickness as thick as possible.
3. TIG welder with water cooler. This is our new TIG welder that has easy to use front panels controls for easy adjustment for various welding requirements. It is a full featured welder that has pulse and frequency control and can also handle stick and spot welding. A very nice addition to our machine shop. We primarily use Argon gas as a purging media.
2. A 90 rifle barrel degree crown This picture is of the 90 degree rifle barrel crown that I machined on a number 7 contour Montana Rifle barrel. This barrel will be used for target shooting and will be installed on a accurized Remington 700 short action. Other crowns can be machined as desired.
1. Chamber reamers and re-barreling This picture is shows the barrel shank of new barrel from Montana Rifle that I machined to fit a Remington 700 action that which II accurized. This action has barrel threads that were recut to be 0.010 oversize as part of the accurizing process. This barrel is chambered in .308 caliber Palma 2011 fullbore and is a number 7 contour. It will have a heavy duty TUBB recoil lug installed.
Cerakote Weapons Coatings Many times we find it beneficial to use alternative protective coating for our custom rifles or customer owned rifles, pistols, shotguns or related items. Bluing has been traditional but modern coating provide superior protection against the elements. As such we offer Cerakote finishing as a superior alternative. Many colors or color combinations are possible.