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Trigger problems  Every now and then there is a problem that can cause a real issue with the ability to fire a rifle and is a most disturbing situation. If what is shown in the picture should happen to you we can fix this problem for you by either installing a new trigger or potentially fixing the broken one. However for the best reliability I would suggest a replacement trigger that does not have a weak area at the break point. This is usually where a hole is for an adjustment screw. Oil, Gunk and Cleaning Issues  There are some issues that can cause unreliable operation of a rifle such as improper care or lack of maintenance. Below is an example of what I have run into on occasion. The lack of proper maintenance can lead to undesirable and potentially dangerous situations.
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 Here are some of the problems we run into occasionally and some info  on new equipment that arrives occasional and a few pictures just for fun.
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Heat treating oven
We added a new heat treating oven to our machine shop to aid in properly heat treating metals for hardening.
Updated 07/19/2015
Part of shop
Case preperation
Trying on a Tubb  shooting hat
Long range glassing
Heat treaing oven